Q&A with Tina Lilienthal in Professional Jeweller

A lovely interview with Tina Lilienthal in Professional Jeweller.

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Sgt Smith summer sunshine sale

Sgt Smith are having a summer sale if you write the code SUNSHINE when you shop for standard designs or customised t shirts before the 1st August. 

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James Bosley / London Printworks Trust

James Bosley, printed textile guru, sent me this photo of Jaime King at the Met Ball in a Top Shop Unique dress dyed and printed by him at London Printworks Trust.



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Zoe and Morgan Flash Boutique 11th May in Soho

Zoe and Morgan flash boutique at 51 Beak Street Soho W1F 9SG Friday 11th May.

12-3pm sale, 3-5pm private appointments and 6-8.30 pm cocktail reception.



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New chapter for London Printworks Trust

As Chair, I'm pleased to announce that London Printworks Trust are in a process of transformation. Since our Arts Council core funding was withdrawn this time last year we have worked very hard to come up with an alternative form of organisation to ensure a viable future. 

On behalf of the Trustees I would like to thank Lorna Dallas-Conte and every member of the team for an exceptional year of work since the devasting news of our funding cut and am hugely proud of everything they've done, especially COUNTERFEAT - you can still buy notes now which will continue to support the new organisation. The Victoria Beckham notes will be withdrawn from the online shop at the end of June - so if you'd like a £50 cat note buy now!

Thank you to departing Trustees: Judy Hague, Carole Collet, Kate Hinds and James Barrett and welcome new Trustees, Liz O'Sullivan, Daniel Gayle and Michael Armstrong joining Andy Rothery who remains our Treasurer.

By following LPT blog you'll be kept up to date with news and information.


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Today I am mostly wearing...

New pieces by Maria Lau from the Autumn Winter 2011 collection - just delivered to my office and she tweeted this photo.  

The pieces I'm wearing are Eclipse and Virgo Moon, amazing combinations of braiding, tourmaline, polished lava, hairpieces, obsidian and hematine. 


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