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Reiko Kaneko's Olympic Mugs

The pole vaulter is my favourite Jumpy Mug, others include hurdler, BMX, gymnast and horse jumper.

Shop for mugs at Reiko's shop 


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British Museum adds to collection

Fundraising for London Printworks Trust through has led to notes being added to the Department of Coins and Medals at the British Museum. The Curator of Modern Money, British Museum said,

"The Department of Coins and Medals strives to collect objects and ephemera which relate to all aspects of monetary exchange, and the notes produced by the London Printworks Trust neatly reflect the link between art and finance. In this interpretation they are historically reminiscent of the George Cruitkshank engraved notes and Bank Restriction skit notes of the early 1800s. Like these earlier notes, the notes produced by London Printworks are not only artistically interesting, but they strike a resonant chord in a time of financial uncertainty, and we are pleased to be able to include them in our own collection."


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Save London Printworks Trust

London Printworks Trust is trying to save itself by printing money for you to buy.

Generous designers have provided designs for limited edition notes.

Shown here are:

The Hemmingways ten bob note

Will Broome's £10 and £20 notes

Zandra Rhodes £10 note

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Chair London Printworks Trust

I'm really delighted to be able to tell everyone that I'm now Chair of London Printworks Trust.  

Thank you to Paulene Hamilton for 5 years great work with LPT and I look forward to working with Director, Lorna Dallas-Conte and the Trustees to ensure that LPT has a great future.

This year is the 20th Anniversary of London Printworks Trust and so celebrations to come in July.

More details:


or twitter @LondonPrintwork

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