Kinetica Art Fair / Victoria Walker

One day left to go to Kinetica Art Fair on Marylebone Road - please go to the shop and say hello to Victoria Walker part of the Goldsmiths Hothouse group displaying her collection of kinetic lockets - check out the video of her work. The rest of the show is inspiring too.

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Today I am mostly wearing...

Outsider's dress with Maria Lau's asymetrical magnetic hematine necklace.

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Craft Northern Ireland Making It Group 2012-2013

The 2012-2013 Making it group (from left to right) taken at Ulster University Belfast.

Michelle Stephens - textile

Eamonn Higgins - metal

Alison Lowry - glass

Katie Brown - textile

Catherine Keenan - glass

Diane Lyness - goldsmith

Look forward to seeing what we can achieve together over the next two years!

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Today I am mostly wearing...

Tina Lilienthal's messy skulls in oxidised silver with matching earrings.


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Happy 15th Birthday to Yen Jewellery

This year Yen Jewellery is 15 years old. Gorgeous moving and tactile jewels ranging from the precious and luxurious to new 24/7 every day collection. To say 'happy birthday' I've selected a range of earrings from yellow gold with black diamonds, oxidised silver and pearls to silver all based on Yen's signature molecule element.

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