Supervision of students for the following courses and dissertation topics.

University of the Arts London, London College of Communication, 
MA Design Management
MA Enterprise Management for the Creative Arts

University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion 
MA Design Management for the Fashion Industry
MA Fashion Entrepreneurship

Social media use by Indian fashion entrepreneurs
Developing export to USA by micro fashion companies in London
CSR development via technology in luxury brand supply chain
Cycle culture in American cities
Service design in micro design businesses
Retail transitions in Delhi
Recording and understanding generation z
Virtual fashion shows
Measuring design effectiveness in Norway
Design management systems in small companies
Social marketing by cosmetics companies
Traditional making and new technology in bespoke shoes
Design collaborations used by high street fashion retailers
Luxury market gifting by young Chinese males in Taipei
Bespoke recycled clothing
Community fashion recycling
New technology in fashion retail
Fashion branded boutique hotels in Shanghai
Design-art gallery transactions in London
Developing a design management model for micro fashion businesses
Design management and marketing of fashion jewellery
The organisation of fashion shoots in Moscow
Ethical textiles and dyes in bespoke menswear suits
Optimum design management model for architectural practices
Retail design of independent boutiques
Sense branding in men’s fragrances
Chinese fashion entrepreneurs
Design’s contribution to business performance in fast and traditional fashion companies 
Luxury brands and consumers in Beijing
The role of fashion forecasting in 21st century
Social marketing in fashion
Emotional branding in women’s cosmetics
Comparison between India and Pakistan of the cotton industry supply chains 
Menswear design for the over 50s in Japan
Graphic design in independent music 1980s and 2000s
Online project management systems for designer-makers and artists
The funding of artists’ studios
Virtual collaborative art
Artisan crafts in Brazil
Advertising awards in UK and Thailand – agency and client perspectives
Boutique hotel experience design